Keloids Treatment

What is Keloids Treatment?

The collagen that our body naturally produces is responsible for many things, from keeping skin firm to sustaining tendons and cartilage; however, sometimes if there is an overproduction of this naturally occurring protein it forms a scar known as a keloid. Different from regular scars, keloids often grow past the actual injury site and do not fade as time passes. While anyone can develop keloids, those under the age of 30 with Hispanic, Asian, or African descent are more likely to have keloids.

What is the best approach for getting rid of a keloid? Here at Cole Dermatology & Aesthetic Center, we offer different treatments for the removal of keloids. When you come in for your consultation we will examine the keloid and then discover the different treatment options available to you. Together we can also determine the best approach for getting rid of the keloid scar.

Here are some of the most common keloid treatment options:

Corticosteroid injections

Injections are administered every few weeks directly into the keloid to flatten it over time. These injections can help improve the appearance of a keloid but it’s important to know that the treatment area may still be darker than the rest of your skin even once the injections are complete.

Laser Treatment

Laser therapy can be a great option for both reducing the size of the keloid and also the redness and visibility of it. Laser therapy is completely safe and not painful. Of course, several sessions will be recommended in order to offer the best results.


Surgery may or may not be a good option for you, as it’s also important to recognize that surgically removing a keloid could actually cause another one to form. To reduce the chances of another keloid forming, once the keloid has been surgically removed, you’ll need to come in for regular steroid injections or radiation treatment to prevent another scar from forming post-surgery.

If you are dealing with unsightly keloid scars and want to talk about the treatment options we offer call our office today in Peachtree Corners, GA outside of Atlanta to schedule a consultation today!