Restylane and Perlane

If you’ve been considering using Restylane or Perlane to correct the lines, folds and wrinkles on your face, our doctors at Cole Dermatology & Aesthetic Center can help you decide which product is best for you.

Cole Dermatology offers our patients both Restylane and Perlane injections. Both injectable fillers contain hyaluronic acid and are especially effective in adding volume to your face to give it a younger, smoother appearance, correcting smile and frown lines, contouring the cheeks and chin, and augmenting the lips.

Restylane Injections in the Atlanta Area

Restylane is an injectable filler that was the first product of its type and is still one of the most effective products for treating moderate wrinkles and facial lines. Restylane is often used to correct lines on the forehead, lines between the eyebrows, and laugh or frown lines. Sometimes Restylane is also injected in the tear trough area under the lower eyelids to correct wrinkles and sagging there. For more information about Restylane, click here.

Perlane Injectable Filler Treatments

Perlane is in the Restylane family of injectable filler products, and is effective in correcting many of the same kinds of lines and wrinkles as Restylane. However, Perlane is different in that it has a thicker particle size – so Perlane is often used to treat more severe facial wrinkles that require a deeper injection to correct them. For more information about Perlane, click here.

How long do Restylane and Perlane effects last?

Times vary from patient to patient, but Restylane’s effects can last from 6-8 months to over a year in some areas. The effects of Restylane wear off faster in areas such as the mouth where the muscles are more mobile, but usually last at least 3-4 months in the lips and up to a year in the tear trough area.

Perlane’s effects may last longer since it has larger, thicker particles. With both products, the filler biodegrades gradually on its own – and gives you months to enjoy a softer, smoother facial expression and more youthful-looking skin.

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